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20 Romantic Dates

Share Your Romantic Dates

20 Romantic Dates

First Date? Or Spicing up a long term relationship?  Here are some Romantic Dates for your loved one.

1) Go for a walk in the park ( even in the snow), warm up over hot Chocolate.
2) Go sledding or ice skating.
3) Visit local sites of interest, check you cities web site, pretend to be a tourist
4) Get dressed up go out to dinner and dancing (a love tradition that still works).
5) Go to the zoo, hold hands while strolling.
6) Go to the book store find favorite books to share with each other.
7) Driving Ranges are great fun for golfer and those just "learning"
8) Take drive in the Country, stop at small local resturant, visit the shops in a small town.
9) Tour a food factory or winery.
10) Visit the museum in search of erotic art.


11) Take a train trip short or overnight.
12) Browse local art galleries, craft or pottery shops, stop for an expresso or tea
13) People watch together at the mall or mall walking is good exercise and fun too.
14) Go swimming indoor at the local YMCA in the winter or at a local beach.
15) Chocolate syrup, bananas, strawberry syrup, ice cream - build a banana split eat while watching home videos.
16) Have picnic in the park in the snow- cook hot dogs and smores, build a snowman and have snow ball fight.
17) Play air hockey and video games together.
visit a botanical garden, take a camera, snap pictures of each other.
18) Go to a Carnival try to win each other prizes, hold hands while riding the Merry-Go-Round ponies.
19) Old Favorite: rent a romantic movie eat popcorn and candy. Best New Love and Romance Movies: Love Actually and Somethings Gotta Give for the more mature
20) Guys Dating Tip: Give her flowers, and bring a special one for her mother or or send her a bouquet that reminds her of your date the next day.

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