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Everyday Romance

Share Your Everyday Romance

Everyday Romance
Don't wait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary to tell someone they're wonderful. Say it in ways that catch them off guard and add a smile to their day.

Write out a list of things that you love about your partner. Leave it somewhere where they are sure to find it.

Attach a note to your partner's keychain before he or she leaves in the morning that says "I love you" or "You hold the key to my heart."

Make a memory jar for your partner. Write down memories of times shared together on pieces of colorful paper. Place them all in a jar and tie with ribbon.

Leave a trail to a love note. While your sweetheart is sleeping, tie a long string to a door handle with a note that says "follow me." Run it throughout your home, and have a pair of movie or sports tickets tied to the end. This adds an element of adventure to romance.


Write a little love note on each day of a desk calendar, or fill pages of a notepad with special thoughts (figure A). Date each note so that your special someone can rip a new note off the pad every day.

Leave a note by the coffeepot in the morning so that your partner will see it before he or she leaves in the morning.

Here's a neat greeting that works with an electric garage-door opener. Make a card from a piece of tag board. Tie it to the inside garage-door handle with a string about two feet long (figure B). When they come home and the door opens, the card will hang right in front of them. It's light enough not to harm the door and big enough not to be missed.

Start your own "card-of-the-month" club and send a love note to your partner every month. Send him or her a letter in the mail to the office and put a bit of perfume or cologne on the stationery. Homemade cards always say "I love you" better show that you took the extra time to make a card instead of buying one.

Buy a dozen or so fortune cookies and carefully remove the fortunes with a pair of tweezers. Replace the fortunes with your own little love notes.

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