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       Flirting Basics

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Three Flirting Basics

A Flirting Fact : To be a great flirt it is not necessary to be absolutely attractive, rich, smooth, or good at batting your eyelashes. These assets are just extra bonuses for a successful flirt and are pale in comparison to the three flirting basics.
The Three Flirting Basics :
1. Be Smart
2. Be Patient
3. Be Prepared

1. Be Smart
Be smart enough to assess a situation, so you know when flirting is appropriate. It is not always possible to flirt anytime, anywhere. Use your logic along with your sensual feelings to decide when is the best time to strike. Being smart means knowing ahead of time what you want to accomplish. Know that one rejection or triumph is not the end of all of your social life.

2. Be Patient
To the person you are flirting with there is nothing so appealing as someone who thinks he or she is worth waiting for. If you appear unhurried and give the impression that you are not going to be dissuaded from your objective of impressing your target, your target will likely give in to your initial invitations - because being with you seems inevitable.
Who can resist someone who says in so many ways that you are worth his patient efforts?
Patient flirting means maintaining a repeated presence in the life of your flirting partner. You can do this by phone, by sending a birthday card, or by just being around their favourite hangout.


3. Be Prepared
Be on high-alert for flirting. Flirting takes place most successfully when you least expect it. Make being prepared a daily habit. Expect the opportunity to come and always be ready to say, "hi", to accept a compliment, to speak to someone new. Be presentable. Forget your troubles and smile.
As Forrest Gump's wise mama said in the movie, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." There will be new surprises and dilemmas, but the more you do of it, the more confidence you will be.

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