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Handle Stress Tips

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Handle Stress Tips

Friction are bound to occur in relationships. Nothing in this world is perfect and there is no one in the world who thinks, feels, behave and act like you. Differences between people at times could generate stress. But the important thing is to learn how to cope with relationships stress and conflict. Expect relationship conflict to exist and always be ready for it. It is the part and parcel of a relationship that could make or break a relationship depending on how you react or respond to it.

Below Are 10 Things You Must Avoid In A Relationship Conflict.

1) Avoiding Conflict:
Rather than discussing building frustrations in a calm, respectful manner, some people just don’t say anything to their partner until they’re ready to explode, and then blurt it out in an angry, hurtful way. Remember that avoiding the conflict only worsens the conflict. Since you allow submerged resentment and undercurrents to build up when both of you choose not to talk about your feelings.

You Should : always initiate to talk about what is the latent and manifest issues of the conflict. When you ask, do not interrupt your partner. Lend him/her your listening ear and listen emotionally to what is actually the problem. Work together to find a solution to it. " When you start talking about the problem, half the problem is solved."

2) Being Defensive:
Rather than addressing a partner’s complaints with an objective eye and willingness to understand the other person’s point of view, defensive people steadfastly deny any wrongdoing and work hard to avoid looking at the possibility that they could be contributing to a problem. Denying responsibility may seem to alleviate stress in the short run, but creates long-term problems when partners don’t feel listened to and problems go unsolved and continue to grow.


3) Overgeneralizing:
When something happens that they don’t like, some blow it out of proportion by making sweeping generalizations. Avoid starting sentences with, “You always…” and “You never…”, as in, “You always come home late!” or “You never do what I want to do!” Stop and think about whether or not this is really true. Also, don’t bring up past conflicts to throw the discussion off-topic and stir up more negativity. This keeps you from solving things and perpetuates conflict.

4) Being Right:
Remember that you could be wrong. It’s damaging to decide that there’s a ‘right’ way to look at things and a ‘wrong’ way to look at things, and that your way of seeing things is right. Don’t demand that your partner see things the same way, and don’t take it as a personal attack if they have a different opinion. Look for a compromise or agreeing to disagree, and remember that there’s not always a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’, and that two points of view can both be valid.   

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