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Featured Article Of The Month (July)
Art Of Flirting

by Anonymous

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Art Of Flirting

Women are very subtle with giving away flirting hints that men really need to know and detect them. It is important to note that men are not used to women flirting with them. Men generally love women who speak their mind and not beat around the bush. The majority of men prefer woman to talk to them first or at least express a larger hint or clue that you were interested in checking them out.

Enjoy the list below:

1. Repeated contact...at least three different verbal or non-verbal hints to drop. The first time he's walk by, check him out and make sure it's really the guy that you are flirting with. The second, he notices your presence and he gets flushed and pleased. (At this point he'll probably walk by you and at least smile. He's checking you out a little more. The third time you can express interest and make the first move by introducing yourself, or commenting on his look or clothes, or waving from across the room. Now he knows you are open to meeting and it will be a hit. Remember to always carry a smile on your face. Smiles show universal friendliness.

2. Whisper into his ears...it always gets their attention. Ask them if you share with him a secret...Then whisper in their ear: 'I just love your shirt...can I buy it from you when you are done with it?'

3. Don't sit with other people when you want to flirt...men fear being rejected in front of an audience. If you do go out with a friend...separate every so often or take a breather from talking...men do not want to risk your disapproval by interrupting you. (You have already missed out on a lot of quality polite men who didn't want to interrupt.)


4. Treat men gently...If someone you are not interested in approaches you and flirts ...be nice.... All the other men are watching to see what you do. If you laugh after he leaves or show visual disapproval, you are cutting your chances on anyone else approaching you. Try shaking his hand and saying something like: 'It was so nice of you to approach me, what's your name? John? John, I know how hard it is to meet people...I might have a girlfriend who might be interested in you.'

5. IF he acts like a JERK! Be polite but firm. Tell him politely but firmly that you are not interested and simply ask him to leave you alone. Firmly say that 'lines' with sexual overtones are not only not attractive to you but to most other women in the world.

6. Have a friend with you. Walk through a crowd of men and have your friend to watch to see who's head you turn and are checking you out.

7. Become More Irresistible! Show a little leg, wear higher heels, the redder the lipstick the more available and noticeable you will be. Arch your back a little as you sit up tall and cross your legs high. Wear earrings that are interesting enough to make someone comment on them.

8. Look over your shoulder and smile at him. This asymmetrical position is always a signal you are interested.

9. Give him a look all over from head to toe - nod with approval and then flash him your most winning smile.

10. Remember that flirting is a way of connecting from the heart and acknowledging someone. Be generous! Have Fun!

written by Anonymous
Copyright (C) 2008


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