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Office Romance

Share Your Office Romance Tips

Office romances can be risky and rewarding

Let us all admit. Almost half of us have been romantically tied to someone from work, and many more would like to find amour in a neighboring cubicle.

A budding romance with a co-worker can really spice up life at the office. But does romance really belong in the workplace?

Below are some office romance Do's and Don'ts :


Do find out what the office policy is
As bizarre as it sounds some companies actually state that employees should refrain from developing personal relationships with a colleague. Before you embark on your office romance, check out what your company thinks of inter-office dating

Do remember you're reliant on your salary
The money you earn at this job keeps you in food and rent, so don't do anything during office hours that could jeopardize your ability to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate


Do be sure of what you're looking for
If you spend all day working with someone and then have to go home with them, it could get very tedious very quickly. If it ends badly, it would be horrible having to face each other every day, so make sure you both know what it is you're after from the beginning, be it a one night stand, a few casual dates or happily ever after

Do avoid senior management
Unless you're certain it's true love, steer clear of the top dogs. If things don't work out between you he's got a hold over you for the duration of your time with that company. Even worse, if you get found out, there could be accusations of favoritism or of sharing confidential management information. It could be both of your jobs on the line and he's likely to value his salary over your fling, so it could mean no job and no man in the end

Do remember you'll be the source of office gossip
It's none of their business; they don't even know you that well, so why should they bother passing comment about who you date? Well, too bad. Office gossip is present in any company no matter how small. If you don't want your private life to become the source of office gossip, then don't date anyone you work with. However, if you and a colleague are going to go out on a few dates then you have to be prepared to answer questions... of course you are under no obligation to answer them truthfully


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