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Relationship Stages

Share Your Relationship Stages Tips

Relationship Stages

Which life level are you at?

There are 4 major stages in an adult relationship - passion of new love, mature love sets in, pretty good life and we are happy together.
Imagine life's a big department store and you're going up in the lift. At level after level you get out, stay for a while, then get back in the lift and move on up to exciting new 'shopping' opportunities, but you leave the lower levels behind.

So which 'level' are you on in your life at the moment? Here are four key stages which happen in most adult lives.


Stage 1: The Passion of New Love
Ah yes, this is the love that romance novels are written about. Did you ever wonder why romance novels end when the hero and heroine finally get together and marry? It's because that's the exciting part! Humans are evolved to try to pair up with other humans. They get excited about the chase. The "capture" of that new, interesting person - the person whose presence makes your heart thump, and whose mere touch sends your body a-quivering. New love means you can't sleep at night. You think about your lover constantly. You want to always be with them. You don't want to be apart. This is THE person for you. Many people get married during this stage of overwhelming passion and romance, thinking it will be this way forever.

Stage 2: Mature Love Sets In
If your body really kept up that new-love passion for its entire life, you would burn out pretty quickly! Plus your pocketbook would become empty as you spent every last dime on flowers and phone calls. The point of all that new love hype was to get you two TOGETHER. Now that you are together, it's no longer necessary. You've already proven to each other that you love each other. You don't have to keep proving it. Now your love is shown by dependability, trust, honesty, the things that are REALLY meaningful. Flowers die, but knowing that your boyfriend will be there at 2am when your car breaks down makes all the difference in the world. A dinner out at a fancy restaurant is nice, but any gigolo could pull that off. What's truly special is when you two have your own private meal at home, with your very favorite dishes, your favorite wine, and share the memories of your best times together.   continue

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