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Book a hotel room one night. Go to dinner that night. In the middle of dinner excuse yourself and call a friend that knows what you are planning and tell them to go to your hotel room and draw a bubble bath with roses in the tub. Have candles burning all around the bath tub. And the rest is up to you. ~ Tiffeni

When you know he/she is busy at work and can't get away for lunch/dinner etc. order dinner from their favorite restaurant or send a pizza, and ALWAYS include dessert. Email them a little love note to let them know you care and they are on your mind. ~ Isabella

For Valentine's Day my boyfriend sent me an invitation in the mail to have dinner at "Justin's Fine Dining". When I got to his house he opened the door but wouldn't let me in. A few minutes later he came back out with me and we stood there for a few minutes. Next he opened the door for me and we walked in (I was obviously very confused at this point). Standing there in a waiter's apron was his friend. Our "host/waiter" showed us to our table (adorned with two candles and a long-stemmed red rose) in the "restaurant" (a room in Justin's house). There we had our romantic dinner and even a dance. That's only one of the sweet things he's done for me! ~ Mykel

Proposal idea: Plan a night of just staying in for dinner and movies. When you sit down on the couch to cuddle grab a notebook and ask your significant other to play hangman. Make the secret message you write for them to figure out to say "Will you marry me?" ~ Michelle

Make sure you let your loved one know you appreciate them. Take the time to find a card that expresses your care, admiration, and love for them. Ad your own words, and let them know how much they mean to you. Mail it with a tiny amount of your favorite cologne or essential oil, so they think of you and the scent when they read the note. ~ Mark


It really is the little things that count. Romance doesn't have to involve chocolate, picnics, soft music, beaches, sex, or even a tireless repetition of those 'three magical words'. Romance can be as simple as taking an activity which you both enjoy and doing it together. If you both enjoy reading, I think it is great fun to find a quiet place alone and read out loud together. You could find that it adds a whole new dimension to the characters and plot or you could find yourselves roaring with laughter. Everyone knows a good laugh is always fun. ~ Stasha

For his birthday send the kids to a babysitter (if you have some) and spend the whole day together at home. Make him/her a nice dinner, rent some romantic movies, and get some good wine and let the day carry you away. ~ Unknown

Lay a blanket with a small portion of his favorite meal on the roof top of a secure building. Play his favorite song what ever it may be. Feed him. Let him pick the conversation topic. Respond with closed answers only. When he is finish eating, lay him back and make love to him. ~ Adriana

Sit your honey down and proceed to wash her feet. Once this is done give her a full treatment foot massage with scented lotion and the works. The whole time you are doing this be telling her all the reasons you love her, quote love poems to her (Shakespeares sonnets are great), and tell her of your favorite memories with her. Once you are done seal it all with a kiss on each foot. ~ Jon

Record your voice on a disc/tape, telling him/her how much you love him/her. Then slip it into his/her bag just before he/she is leaving on a business trip. You could have some soft romantic tune playing in the background when you're recording your voice. (I just thought of this... I'm gonna try it ASAP!) ~ Urmila

Guys get her a custum made ring (birthstone or diamond) and set up a weekend getaway together. Decorate the room with at least 2 dozen roses.. roses all over the bed... and next to the hot tub a glass bowl filled with rose petals and 2 sponges with scented soapy water. Wine is chilling when you show up ..next to the wine sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Need I say more? After you arrive pop the wine and give her the ring. She'll never forget it... You either. ~ Jimmy

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