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Romantic Travel

Share Your Romantic Travel Ideas

Romantic Travel

Want to get away from it all with your love, but not sure where to go or what to do? Take advice from some of our users! Below are some great getaway ideas to help you plan your next romantic rendezvous!

My perfect vacation would be in the jungle at the side of a clear river where we can be alone alone together. We could search for our food, and cooking and eat together. Then end the nights by talking next to our campfire. ~ Cloudlove

For our one year anniversary my boyfriend and I decided to go on our first trip together. The day we arrived to marvelous Cancun, I was surprised to see in our hotel room a candle light dinner with champagne. The bedroom was filled with candles and rose petals, and as I opened the nightstand drawer, to my surprise, I found a booklet, the full "Kama Sutra Guide To Better Lovemaking." He had told me that his fantasy was to do all Kama Sutra positions, and thus began the best sex of my life, so this is my idea! ~ Carmen

The ideal romantic vacation would be to stay on an isolated Greek island, where by night you can make love on the balconies on cool Mediterranean nights. We could go sailing under azure blue skies, and make love under the sun. ~ Hamish Muir


It doesn't matter where we go, as long as she is by my side. The night we would have, would include a few flowers. I'd cook her a meal, she give me a massage, I'd wash her in a bubble bath. We'd kiss until the sun comes up, and do whatever else comes to mind. We would sleep in each other's arms and wake up to each other. ~ Mike Arvanitis

A place for just the two of us, no phones, no children, no animals, no in-laws, lots of privacy, with food, candles and champagne would be ideal. ~ Janeann

I think the perfect, romantic vacation would be a Barefoot Cruise to the Fiji Islands. We could stay in a couples only place in a wonderful penthouse, suite, or better yet... a private house with all of the amenities! We would of course have a private beach just for the two of us! I would want to be on the west side of the Island in order to watch the beautiful sunsets with the man I love. ~ Cheetah

The perfect romantic vacation for me would have to be just me and my guy at an exotic place like the Bahamas. We would spend the whole time indoors (We would step outside for a quick breather...). We would enjoy candlelight dinners, breakfast in bed and showers together. ~ Melissa

Perfection to me is a skiing trip! What better than snuggling up in a down-filled bed, waking up to a chilly room, where it is absolutely impossible to get out of bed, snow covered trees, romantic fireside and candlelit dinners? And, that is just the beginning! How about the fun shared when you actually get to the mountain? ~ Karen Mercke

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