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Top 10 Lists Of Romantic Ideas

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Top 10 Romantic Ideas

1) Set the bedroom up with candles, and rose petals all over the room. Have a really nice throw on the floor set up with Champagne, strawberries, whipped cream and all those types of goodies. Have some really romantic music playing in the back ground and let the night just dictate the rest!

2) For long distance/internet relationships: write a romantic letter or poem letting your mate know exactly how you feel about them and what they mean to you. If you are a girl, sign it with a lipstick kiss and spritz it with your perfume. If you are a guy, well, I wouldn't suggest the lipstick, but your cologne is nice. Then, either send it along with a video tape of yourself reading it to him, or your voice recorded on a tape. This adds a whole new level of personalization and makes them feel closer to you. ~ Crystal

3) Send your lover 11 roses and tell them to look in the mirror and they will find the 12th and most beautiful rose looking back at them. Makes for happy tears! ~ Annette

4) Leave a note on the front door that leads them to the next note and the next and the next which should lead them to your embrace. Guaranteed results! ~ Annette


5) If your boyfriend spends the night at your apartment, iron his work clothes and leave a love note with your favorite perfume sprayed lightly on the note and put it in the pocket of his work clothes. now all day long he will be thinking of you! my boyfriend loved it. - Roxie

6) Spend the night cuddling and watching movies together - talk - get close - and making out is fun too! Then say you need to go to the bathroom and come out in you sexiest teddy or lingerie. Surprise him with a lap dance to his favorite song or the sexiest one you can find, then throw him on the bed and strip him, spray whip cream all over him and lick it off he'll love it, then do anything to pursue his fantasies. ~ Michelle

7) I live in Wisconsinso we have a lot of snow and I have a wooded area in my back yard. My boyfriend and I have always talked about finding time to play in the snow, but never got around to it. So one day on his birthday I blindfolded him, and led him to a snow filled hill, set him in a sled with me, then took his blind fold off as we flew down the hill. then I led him to the woods where I had a sheet tied up to the tree to block the wind, and blankets set down on rocks. I had a thermus of hot chocolate waiting so we could just sit alone and talk. ~ Andrea

8) When they are away, go into their room and cover their sheets in chocolate hershy kisses. Then, in the middle of the bed, place a single rose and a heartfelt letter just for them. ~ Maureen

9) Write him a post-it memo every morning before he gets up, to tell him how much you love him. Then put it on the wall, from time to time, it will be a unique wall paper. ~ Kiki

10) On a posty (preferably a larger one), write "You are looking at the woman who has captured my heart!" then place it on the mirror she'll use in the morning. ~ Michael

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